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Santa�s Little Dancers � Dancing Elves

Santa�s Little Dancers � Dancing Elves Alfie and Co dance their way into everyone's hearts with their fantastic soundtrack of Christmas hits and perform their Christmas Elf Dance with comedy shoes and elf-centric moves. Whilst all around shoppers and passers-by find the temptation too irresistible and succumb to the Christmas spirit by joining in and throwing some shapes!

Smiles and good moves all round, from elf moon walking to waltzing to break dancing and beyond!

�The best Christmas walkabout we�ve seen� � The Pavillions Centre- Birmingham.

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Sugar Plump Fairies - Christmas Ballet About

Sugar Plump Fairies - Christmas Ballet About Being rejected by Santa for being too plump and clumsy to sit at the top of the Christmas tree has not deterred these keen fairies. They love Christmas and love ballet dancing.

Angie Pavlova and Darcy Souflee will take the Christmas spirit to new limits in the premier of their interpretation of a famous dance - a new pas de deux - The Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies! For seasonal reasons they will perform to a Christmas Hits Medley.

These nutcrackers are in a class of their own, imagine Mavis Cruet meets Margot Fonteyn fused with Slade and Marylin Monroe!

Unstoppable and incorrigible the wand weilding Ms's Pavlova and Souflee will thaw the hardest heart and even bring hilarity to grumpiest scrooge!

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